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Jill May

Here is one of my favoire "Pie stories." Note: may not be suitable for children. :)

Once, when I was young, stupid and still an undergrad, I got very, very drunk at a fraternity party. When I returned home to Lowry hall, which was, at that time, the home of Alpha Tau Omega and Alpha Phi, I found my then-boyfriend, Joe May, Pie, and a bunch of other brothers hanging out and playing Magic. For some unknown reason, I decided that it would be a smashing idea to eat leftover green beans before heading to bed to pass out. So I did. The next morning, I awoke to a tale of horror. Pie told me that a few hours after I had passed out, I woke up, came down to the ATO lobby (wearing only my t-shirt and undies, I might add), and spewed a horrid concoction of alcohol and green beans all over him and his white t-shirt. Everyone corroborated his story - Joe, the other brothers, even Joe's sister, Tara. So, all day long, on top of being terribly hung over, I felt just horrible about having thrown up all over Pie. In an attempt to make amends, I offered to buy him dinner at his favorite restaurant in Adrian - Burger King. It was not until we were in line at BK, nearly 8 hours after he originally told me the grean bean story, that he finally broke down and told me it had all been a joke. I still can't believe he had me fooled all day long! I bought him dinner anyway and we proceeded to bloat ourselves on free refills of pop. I never did get him back for that, now that I think about it...

Stay sane inside insanity
--Columbia, RHPS

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