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Eulogy - Jennifer Elenbaas

I don't want to expound on Michael's brilliant mind, sharp wit, cheerful soul, or his open heart. To all those that knew him, they were apparent.

The reason I asked to be able to speak here today is not because I knew Michael better than other people, or because we had a special relationship, but because I owe him a debt for a life altering experience.

I remember the day I met Michael for the first time. A mutual friend who knew we both liked to play Dungeons and Dragons introduced us. He called me the very same day he had spoken with her, regarding my interest in a group. I immediately went over to his house to create a character. I hadn't realized that this was an interview until it was over and evidently I had passed.

After that, a whole new world of people, places and games was opened to me. As I look out in the gathering today, I see many people I am proud to call friends, and were it not for Michael, I would have never had the opportunity to broaden my horizons. He frequently could be heard saying "I'll have my peeps take care of that," and for a long time I wondered what he meant and where were all these peeps he talked about. Now I know, here we all are - still taking care of things - and I am proud to say I am one. He had a special talent for bringing people together.

There is a saying: "Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death, but to inspire you to life." I feel this sums up, in my mind, what Mike did, and in learning to do so, he was able to light the way for others of us to do the same. He never followed an example, but instead set it.

Thank you, Pie, for letting me into your world, my life will forever be enriched by experiencing your life.

The light in me honors the light in you.

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